Valentine’s Dinner & Show

Valentine’s Dinner & Show

Yesterday was our Valentine’s Day Dinner and Show.  I wanted to provide something different than the normal go out to eat, wait for two hours at a restaurant for okay food, and wait again in another line to see the new Valentine’s romantic movie.  Six o’clock came and we packed out Lynchburg’s Aviary to eat a delicious dinner of ham, roast beef, and all the fixings.  Melissa Douty, 2nd place winner in the the Las Vegas World Series of Comedy, was then up and made us laugh away all the calories we just ate.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.  Even though the snow started a little earlier than they predicted, I think I can say for all that it was a great time!

I thought a dinner and show would be a great way to give back to you, everyone that has given me business and sent me referrals these past few years.  Without you, none of this would have happened!


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