Picking a Paint Color

Picking a Paint Color

If you’re about to paint your home, put some thought into what colors you’ll use. Do you want to spark excitement? Induce calmness? Or maybe just have a room you can entertain guests in? This video has several tidbits of information to consider before you spend any money on paint.

Different colors can will effect people psychologically. Cool colors such as light blues, light greens, some purple tones, etc. are going to promote calmness and comfort. Warm colors like oranges, reds, and yellows are going to excite you and make you feel passionate. So is tossing a can of red paint on the wall good for your bedroom? Or would you rather wake up to soft greens in the morning?

Paint colors come in several shades too. It might be best to go to a Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Sherwin Williams and pick some colors you like and see what they recommend to go in other rooms. You can also buy little jars of colors you want to try out but aren’t ready to commit to. It’s a cheap way to decide if you like a color on a wall.

I always find good content for picking paint colors as well as other things on HGTV’s website.

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