Marketing Plan for You

Marketing Plan for You

What should your realtor be doing for you to get your home sold? Of course you want top dollar and your home is worth it, but you still need to price it competitively. When you work with me, I’ll help you find out what you can do to make your look it’s best and give you checklists to follow so you don’t miss a thing. It’s the first thing in my marketing plan for you. One of the things I do that really helps show off your home is making a video and advertising it on social media and several other real estate websites. Marketing can be easy if you realtor (hopefully it’s me) is following some of these simple steps.

If you’re interested in things you can do to get your house ready for the market, take a look at these:
Generating Curb Appeal
Getting Ready to Sell
Marketing Designed for You

Here is an example of a listing video:

If you’re interested in more of what I do, check out my YouTube and like me on Facebook. I’m put out new information weekly.

For more ideas on how to get your home ready, HGTV is not a bad place to look. Here’s a great article and video on getting your house ready for people to come look at it: 10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home

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