When You’re Buying a Home, My Goals Are:

  • Finding the RIGHT HOME
  • For the RIGHT PRICE

Finding a home is not the process of selection; It’s the process of elimination. You might have a thousand things you’re considering about your home, but I will help guide you through the process to get you in the right location, for a good price, and the condition/style of home you want.

To Do When Buying A Home

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1. Get Prequalified
2. Get A Buyer’s Agent
3. Start Searching!
4. Pick A Home
5. Make an Offer & Negotiate Contract Terms
6. Apply for the Loan
7. Schedule A Home Inspection
8. Negotiate Repairs[/lgc_column]
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9. Pick a Settlement Agency
10. Pick Homeowners Insurance
11. Get Utilities Changed
12. Do The Walkthrough
13. Get a Cashiers Check
14. Close on Your New Home
15. Celebrate!
16. I’m NEVER Too Busy For Your Referals[/lgc_column]

I primarily help buyers find home in Lynchburg, Forest (Bedford County), Campbell County, and Amherst County.